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Preparing your home for a photoshoot can be nerve wracking and time consuming. Everything has to be completely ready by the appointment time.

When your photographers arrive, they will walk the house while spending some time figuring out the most important aspects of the house to showcase.

Since every photographer is an artist, you will get significantly more out of their services if your house is ready by the time they arrive. 

Artists can get distracted if they have to spend unnecessary time rearrange and tidy up rooms before a shoot, and this is where the home-prep checklist comes in. Utilising these tips to prepare your property, takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done and allows you to relax knowing the professional will be doing their absolute best in highlighting your property's best features.


  • Create space by removing pieces of furniture.

  • Deep clean and declutter.

  • Remove pet bowls, crates, etc.

  • Open curtains and turn lights on. 

  • Replace any burned out lightbulbs. 

  • Hide unattractive views with semi-sheer curtains. 

  • Turn all fans off. 

  • Remove all family photographs. 

  • Remove signs of political or religious preferences. 

  • Remove any newspapers, magazines and mail. 


  • Remove small appliances from counters. 

  • Remove all rugs and dishtowels.

  • Place fresh flowers or a fruit bowl on counter for decoration.

  • Remove magnets from refrigerator.

  • Ensure that all visible areas are freshly cleaned. 

  • Store bins out of sight. 

  • Replace paper towel with fresh rolls. 


  • Make all beds. 

  • Clear clutter.

  • Remove all personal items.

  • Tidy up toys, clothes and valuables. 

  • Create space in closets by removing extra clothing. 

  • Replace toilet paper with fresh rolls.


  • Leave toilet seat down. 

  • Clear all clutter on countertop.

  • Remove all rugs/bathmats.

  • Remove soap and shampoo containers. 

  • Remove dirty towels. 

  • Place a small fresh plant out for decoration. 

Living & Dining Room

  • Turn off TV and hide remotes. 

  • Place pillows and throw blankets neatly in place. 

  • Declutter coffee tables and shelves. 

  • Declutter all areas. 

  • Place a simple centrepiece on table. 

  • Ensure that chairs are neatly arranged. 


  • Place wheel bins in the garage. 

  • Ensure hoses are coiled neatly. 

  • Uncover and clean barbecues. 

  • Close garage door. 

  • Ensure landscaping is freshly manicured. 

  • Place a fresh wreath and door mat at entrance of the home. 

Home-Preparation Check List

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